Spotify Integration

By: TheQwertiest

Allows to play tracks from Spotify.

  • Albums and playlists import.
  • Artist top tracks import.
  • Album art and artist image fetching.
  • foo_acfu integration.

Current version: 1.1.0, released on 2020-10-26

Change log:

  • *Play* the artist: adds top tracks for the artist (<>).
  • `%codec%` metadata field (<>).
  • More options in `Preferences`:
    • Cache size configuration (<>).
    • Spotify `private mode` option (<>).
    • Spotify normalization option (<>).

  • Better Web API handling in attempt to avoid 429 errors:
    • RPS limit (<>).
    • `retry-after` response header handling (<>).
    • Pre-emptive batch track update on playlist change (<>).
    • Pre-emptive batch artist update on playlist change (<>).
  • Improved error message when track is not available in user's country (<>).

  • Can't relogin without closing Preferences dialog (<>).
  • Dynamic info change is signaled too frequently, despite data being the same (<>).
  • Can't play tracks when buffering is enabled in fb2k (<>).
  • Crash: Illegal operation (<>).
  • Multi-value tags are not displayed correctly (<>).
  • Can't import playlists with local tracks (<>, <>).

Works with foobar2000 v1.3.17 and newer


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