Releases of vgmstream plugin

r1050-2991-g9f9f6cec current version, released on: 2020-05-26

  • Fix some AIX with many segments [Sega Ages 2500 Vol 28 (PS2)]
  • Add .ktsl2asbin KTSR [Atelier Ryza (PC/Switch), Attack on Titan (PC/Vita)]
  • Workaround for some FSB5 .bank [Guacamelee 2 (Switch)]
  • Add .mups [Pier Solar and the Great Architects (PC), Ghost Blade HD (PC/Switch)]
  • Fix some Ubi .bnm [The Jungle Book: Rhythm N'Groove (PC), F1 Racing Simulation (PC)]
  • Tweak sadf extensions and check
  • Fix .acb names segfault, improve performance [SK Burst Re:Newal (PC)]

r1050-2969-g9da8b93f released on: 2020-05-23

  • Ubi BAO: Added a new version [Splinter Cell: Conviction (X360)]
  • Ubi BAO: Fixed prefetched sounds with 0 streamed size
  • EA BNK: Removed a hack for MUS files belonging to MPF
  • Added Ubi BLK format [Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers (PS2)]
  • Ubi SB: Added PS2 v00000003
  • Ubi SB: Fixed sequence parsing for BLK
  • Ubi SB: Fixed section3 parsing in SMx format

r1050-2955-g9aaba3b3 released on: 2020-05-16

  • EA SCHl: Fixed some EA MicroTalk samples
  • Fix some .vxn [Asphalt Injection (Vita)]
  • Add HCA key
  • Fix PtADPCM clicks when seeking

r1050-2946-g1e583645 released on: 2020-05-02

  • Fix some ZSND [X-Men Legends 2 (PS2)]
  • Fix some NUS3AUDIO [Gundam Versus (PS4)]
  • Add ADX key [428 (PS3)]
  • Fix full loops in EAAC ATRAC9 [NFS Most Wanted (Vita)]
  • Fix Wwise DSP memory interleave [Punch Out!! (Wii)]
  • Fix interleave bug in mono
  • Gitaroo Man IMC more specific sample rates, fixes
  • Fix broken FSB5 ajurika loops
  • Add LucasArts VIMA + .IMX/IMS [The Curse of Monkey Island (PC), Grim Fandango (multi)]
  • Add VADPCM for AIFC + .n64 SDK/src samples
  • Add VADPCM for EA SCHl [FIFA 99 (N64)]

r1050-2921-g5cc8ae30 released on: 2020-04-18

  • Add .diva [Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone (AC)]
  • Enable Wwise PTADPCM for all platforms [Genshin Impact (PC)]
  • Fix XBOX-IMA GENH with bad interleave
  • Fix Persona5 The Royal (PS4) adxkey (verified)
  • Add looping support to .diva
  • Fix random init with .diva looping
  • Fix test.exe + MSVC bug in Ubi SB bigfiles
  • Fix XMA encoder delay in Ubi SB bigfiles

r1050-2908-g14dc8566 released on: 2020-04-14

  • EAAC: Fixed looped RAM sounds
  • Fix old Wwise .xma, loop end +1, truncated DSP [Too Human (X360)]
  • Fix BE/old/empty Wwise .bnk [Too Human (X360)]

r1050-2893-g994ef884 released on: 2020-04-06

  • Add Wwise .bnk FX mini-format [Borderlands 2 (X360)]
  • Fix some Ubi SB [Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Xbox)]
  • Add .snz extension [Killzone HD (PS3)]
  • Fix some .mul [Tomb Raider 7 (PS3), Tomb Raider Legend (X360)]
  • Add Argonaut ASF to TXTH [Croc (SAT)]
  • Change vgmstream123 default buffer to 1kb for Pi Zero
  • Fix some .ckd [Rayman Origins (PS3/X360/PC)]
  • Fix some .cstr [Donkey Konga (GC)]
  • Add Ubi SB alt IMA [Splinter Cell: Essentials (PSP)]
  • Fix some .vpk loop issues [Sly 2 (PS2)]
  • Add .isb MPEG/XMA [Mass Effect (multi)]
  • Fix some Sony .bnk [Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Ratchet & Clank (PS2)]
  • Add some encrypted files [The Pirate's Fate (PC)]

r1050-2874-gcff06e38 released on: 2020-04-05

  • Print BKHD wwise id as unsigned for clarity
  • Add .ams extension [Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2)]
  • Fix some SQEX .sab/mab names and cleanup
  • Add .ssd extension [Zack & Wiki (Wii)]
  • Fix TXTH base_offset chaining and other edge cases
  • Add looping for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (Switch)
  • Add ADX key for Persona 5 Royal (PS4)

r1050-2861-g126e3b41 released on: 2020-03-11

  • Fix .awc with codec 0 [Max Payne 3 (PC)]
  • Fix some XMA Ubi Lyn [Just Dance 4 (X360)]
  • Add .M4A/M4V to 'known extensions' list
  • Add LZ4-compressed .xnb [Square Heroes (PS4), Little Savior (PC)]
  • Add Wwise .bnk for internal streams
  • Add .xpcm VQ + LZ/deflate codec [Eternal Fantasy (PC)]
  • Fix some Ubi SB [Open Season (Wii), Surf's Up (Wii), SC:DA (Wii)]
  • Fix some Cstr .dsp samples/looping issues and cleanup
  • Add .vid VID1 and XBOX-IMA/DSP/PCM [Enter the Matrix (GC/Xbox)]
  • Disable FDK-AAC/QAAC default compile flag
  • Clean streamfile code

r1050-2838-g987641d8 released on: 2020-03-06