vgmstream plugin

By: kode54

This component decodes streamed formats from hundreds of game console, PC, and mobile game audio formats.

Current version: r1050-3324-gde953729, released on 2020-10-19

Change log:

  • Fix Enthusia PCM files and add .lp/ap/lep
  • Fix multichannel/variable frame ASKA ADPCM [Resonance of Fate (PC)]
  • Redo tri-Ace .aac w/ MSADPCM + subsongs [Star Ocean 4 (PC)]
  • Remove Enthusia .enth fake extension (use .lbin/ap/lep/lp)
  • Remove tri-Ace .ace fake extension (use .aac/laac)
  • Fix .wem OPUSNX with original rate [MK Home Circuit (Switch) voices]
  • Fix CI generated version strings

Works with foobar2000 v1.3 and newer


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